Thursday, August 9, 2012

JOVONTAES - "Cheap Ride" C20

By now, it is common knowledge that each Jovontaes release is lovingly recorded in a rather sizable cave located directly beneath the Void Skateshop. What most do not know, however, is that a river (the true length and depth of which has yet to be determined) runs throughout this underground world. “Cheap Ride” finds Lexington’s favorite skate-kraut spelunkers fashioning a makeshift vessel from discarded decks and gorilla glue before pushing off into these eerie waters. Torchlight dances across walls adorned with depictions of puzzling rituals as the sounds of a sightless and forgotten race echo in the pitch black distance, but our heroes only hasten their rowing. There are stranger shores than these, youngin’, and the ride there’s a cheap one. Climb aboard. Edition of 75. $5 + shipping.

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"Voyage" (Jovontaes) by Tent Revivalist