Thursday, August 9, 2012

JOVONTAES - "Cheap Ride" C20

By now, it is common knowledge that each Jovontaes release is lovingly recorded in a rather sizable cave located directly beneath the Void Skateshop. What most do not know, however, is that a river (the true length and depth of which has yet to be determined) runs throughout this underground world. “Cheap Ride” finds Lexington’s favorite skate-kraut spelunkers fashioning a makeshift vessel from discarded decks and gorilla glue before pushing off into these eerie waters. Torchlight dances across walls adorned with depictions of puzzling rituals as the sounds of a sightless and forgotten race echo in the pitch black distance, but our heroes only hasten their rowing. There are stranger shores than these, youngin’, and the ride there’s a cheap one. Climb aboard. Edition of 75. $5 + shipping.

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"Voyage" (Jovontaes) by Tent Revivalist


Thursday, July 12, 2012

COYOTES IN THE ROOM – “Uppers & Downers” C57

No one quite remembers how the coyotes got in. Most claim that the old drunk who used to own the place simply forgot to shut his door one night. Others, however, fervently maintain that the room was actually constructed around the beasts as they slept. Whatever the case may be, it would certainly appear that they’ve made themselves right at home over the years, spending night after sleepless night casting howl after restless howl at a flickering fluorescent moon. For this episode of “Calls from the Four-Walled Wild,” we managed to discreetly plant microphones in several locations throughout the famed room, capturing no less than twenty-four of these one-of-a-kind creatures’ songs, from the pups’ spirited garage burners to the timeless, smoky folk of the elders (and everything in between), which we now present to you, cherished listener, in the entirety of their length and glory. Edition of 50. $5 + shipping.


"Ponytail" (Coyotes in the Room) by Tent Revivalist

BAD CREEPS – “Make Us Proud” C26

Like mother always said, first impressions are everything, and on their full length debut, Bad Creeps bring you the sonic equivalent of showing up for a job interview in a ski mask. Sure, it won’t please the boss man any, but when the noisiest Hoosiers since Bobby Knight and his percussive chair are cranking out one shrieking punk gem after another, who really needs that old bloodsucker? Edition of 50 with digital download codes and art by Dave Watt. $5 + shipping.


"Lawnmower's Dead" (Bad Creeps) by Tent Revivalist

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SAM PINK - "I Never Liked My Dad" C58

You still remember that first time your father took you to the zoo.  The horses lying dead in their stables, just waiting to be kicked.  The mechanical spider and the squeal of its motorized fangs.  The cat that turned out to be something else entirely.  Though there’s no way of traveling back to that serene morning, Sam Pink offers you the next best thing in the form of nearly an hour’s worth of readings.  With excerpts from such classics as Person, The No Hellos Diet, and Hurt Others (not to mention a hefty helping of poems), there’s a little something for everyone (even your dear ol’ Pa).  Edition of 50.  $5 + shipping. 


"Absolute Human Abolition" (Sam Pink) by Tent Revivalist

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