Thursday, July 12, 2012

COYOTES IN THE ROOM – “Uppers & Downers” C57

No one quite remembers how the coyotes got in. Most claim that the old drunk who used to own the place simply forgot to shut his door one night. Others, however, fervently maintain that the room was actually constructed around the beasts as they slept. Whatever the case may be, it would certainly appear that they’ve made themselves right at home over the years, spending night after sleepless night casting howl after restless howl at a flickering fluorescent moon. For this episode of “Calls from the Four-Walled Wild,” we managed to discreetly plant microphones in several locations throughout the famed room, capturing no less than twenty-four of these one-of-a-kind creatures’ songs, from the pups’ spirited garage burners to the timeless, smoky folk of the elders (and everything in between), which we now present to you, cherished listener, in the entirety of their length and glory. Edition of 50. $5 + shipping.


"Ponytail" (Coyotes in the Room) by Tent Revivalist