Friday, December 30, 2011

BLOODY RIDGE RUM RUNNERS - "High Plains Drifter/Live from the Lion's Den" C47

A rural paradise of hermits, televangelists, and gator-filled swimming pools as surveyed through prescription-strength beer goggles.  Granddad may have cranked some Kershaw on the drive out to the V.F.W. hall, but this is what he was humming to whoever would listen as he limped back home.  Concise solo numbers on the A-side, looser full-band renditions on the B-side.  “Come tornadoes or zombies, the world might end, but at least I’ll know I died where I belong.”  Indeed.  Edition of 50.  $5 + shipping.


"All Over But The Crying" (Bloody Ridge Rum Runners) by Tent Revivalist) by Tent Revivalist