Friday, December 30, 2011

NIGHT 1980 – “Silver Lining Manufacturing” C46

Before its untimely demise, Night 1980 was described as having “too many jangly, shaky things” by a young man waiting to watch the metal band scheduled to play after them at the local New Year’s Eve show.  At a later gig, the various tambourines that they dispersed throughout the audience before their set were credited with lifting the spirits of a crowd still shaken by the lead singer of the previous band’s threat to “hit someone in the fucking face with this mic stand if you all don’t start moving.”  Now, with the remixed reissue of their only album, originally released on Halloween, 2009, the potential to grow mildly annoyed, receive a spiritual lift, or remain unmoved either way is all yours.  A (mostly) jubilant noise to bust a piñata or smear paint on the face of a loved one to.  Edition of 50 with hand-collaged covers.  $5 + shipping.       

"The Savage" (Night 1980) by Tent Revivalist